Do It Yourself Bomber Jacket with Vintage Brooches

Strolling through Nordstrom one rainy Seattle day, I came across the most gorgeous Marc Jacobs coat from his Fall/Winter 2016 collection. The coat was a varsity bomber jacket complete with adorable little charms sewn on the front. I knew the jacket would be waaaaaaay out of my price range, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and do it myself! I estimated I paid just under $100 for the jacket and all the brooches. Well worth the fun and compliments I’ve gotten from this DIY bomber jacket.You can do it too!…

1.) Purchase a low-cost bomber jacket from your favorite retailer. I found this burgundy satin bomber jacket for sale on

2.) Go on and do a search for “vintage brooch lot.” A bunch of fantastic choices of vintage brooches in various styles will come up in your search. I searched specifically for “gold brooch lot,” but you can choose any type of brooches you like. I ordered two brooch lots along with some brooches that I purchased separately on

3.) Once the all brooches and jacket arrived, I laid the bomber jacket flat and placed the brooches on the jacket in a style to my liking, and then pinned away (as in pinning a brooch to my jacket, not pinning on Pinterest ;). Voila! An adorable Marc Jacobs knock-off bomber jacket, complete with vintage brooches that won’t break the bank.

Kelsey Colliander