Transitioning into Spring with beige; the color that works all year long

I really love beige! I know it can seem a bit boring, but this neutral goes with so many colors; from brights, to pastels, to other neutrals. This is why it works so well for year round style! For this outfit I paired this adorable beige coat with another favorite color of mine (white). Different tones of beige also work well together so it is always ok to pair a dark beige with a light beige, just as long and you don’t mix in too many colors. Stick with one color such as white, light blue or pink, or even a neon color works beautifully with beige. Just avoid jewel tones…best to stick with black and metallics when playing with jewel tones as they can wash out beige and make it look dull.

With this look I paired a white ruffled blouse with the long beige coat. I added on some adorable white and gold enamel floral brooches I found on etsy (I’m obsessed with etsy because I love unique and handmade) that I strategically pinned onto the wide lapel. The jeans I wore are high waisted, cropped, light wash from Citizen’s of Humanity that I recently purchased at Nordstrom. I love how cropped jeans can go with boots OR sandals. My beige Gucci belt helped to balance the frilly white blouse with the denim. I’m really happy I invested in this belt because, well…it’s beige and goes with SO MANY outfits, including jumpers and dresses. You will be seeing this belt on heavy rotation in my outfit posts going forward. Finally I dusted off my Loeffler Randall tassel strappy heels from last summer and grabbed my Gucci Dionysus to complete this look. XO Kelsey


Kelsey Colliander