Channeling the Early 70s with Bell Bottom Jeans

Everyone has a favorite decade of the past for different nostalgic reasons, but I have many favorite decades of the past century in relation to fashion, one of them being the 1970s! The early 1970s started with a strong influence from the Hippie culture. And LOTS. OF. BROWN. (and orange…ick!) Let’s just leave the orange and brown in the 70s where it belongs! As most people are aware, the bell bottom is the quintessential iconic clothing item from the 1970s. It faded out in the early 80s (hello mom jeans and peg legs!), but found it’s way back in the alternative culture of the 1990s, only to fade out once again in the mid 2000s (insert skinny jeans here). In the last few seasons we have been seeing a return to the wide-leg, bell bottom style, although with a higher rise which gives it a much more 1970s authenticity than the comeback of the 90s which included a much lower rise…butt cracks and thongs were seen everywhere! I have a vivid early 2000s memory of girls sitting in the living room of my sorority and seeing a litany of ass-cracks. With denim and pant trends literally on the rise (as in a higher rise THANK GOD), I am finding it less difficult to track down high-rise bell bottoms that are more flattering for us gals with shapely bums. I paired the bell bottoms from with a frilly crop top from For accessories I added my Jimmy Choo round sunglasses, my Gucci Marmont beige belt, and my Gucci Dionysus chain bag. But no bell bottoms would be complete without platform shoes! The shoes are strappy espadrille wedges from Splendid and are very comfortable and walk-able. I love shoes with a wide base of support because you can actually walk in them! Hope you enjoyed my blast from the past style updated for 2017. xo Kelsey

Kelsey Colliander