Another year older, another year wiser is what they say! I’d say I’ve become more wise in my fashion choices, and as I age my style has become more mature and refined, but I still love something on-trend regardless of my age. Gone are the days of low rise jeans and belly-baring crop tops, which was the outfit of choice in the 2000s when I was in my 20s. My style was on point for that time as I got my looks from the influences of “it” girls such as Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Although crop tops are back, we now see them worn with a high waist, which covers most of the belly. This is SO MUCH MORE acceptable for someone like me that is in the dawn of their 30s. Thank God for trends that are age inclusive!

But strange insecurities about what I should be wearing are starting to sneak in. I’m even having thoughts of…”Maybe I’m too old to be wearing shorts” and “Can I pull off a bodysuit at my age?” My choices are more strategic than they used to be, but I’m in a weird place of growing more mature with my style choices, while also throwing caution to the wind and just wearing what I love despite my age (and 15lbs-plus I’ve added onto my physique since my 20s). For this outfit I style a crop top, high-waisted shorts (yes shorts!), and a beautiful lace kimono that covers up most of my insecure bits. I don’t feel like I need to run and change because I might be showing some cellulite or a bit of waist chub. Kimonos can hid these things! Yeay! The lace is a bit more revealing, but distracts enough so that you won’t see the parts I’d rather not show to the world.

This outfit makes me feel beautiful, wise, and young! I might be almost 40 but I can still wear shorts and a crop top if I’m smart about how I style it. The kimono is a life saver and game changer for women of all ages! I now have 5 of them in various styles and lengths that I take with me on my travels and will be layering with sweaters and boots for fall. With kimonos, you just can’t go wrong at any age or shape! xo Kelsey

Kimono by Missguided, shorts by Zara, Crop top by Asos, Shoes by Loeffler Randall, Bag by Gucci, Bracelets by Hermes and J.Crew

Kelsey Colliander