Ever since I could ever remember, fashion and style has been part of my life. From a young age I loved the feeling I would get from putting on a stylish outfit that immediately boosted my confidence ignited my creativity. As a kid I loved shopping for new school clothes and would put on fashion shows for my parents and siblings. Putting together outfits came very natural to me and I’ve always loved arts & crafts, so I started developing my skills by studying fashion magazines and learning to sew, and sketch. I knew by my teens I wanted to study fashion and be a designer and eventually graduated with a BFA in Fashion Design.

Although I worked in fashion for a few years, I didn’t feel the industry truly supported my identity. The lack of creativity and the stress of the industry were sucking my soul dry rapidly, so I left to pursue a new career in the healthcare industry.  While I was studying during my career transition, I sold vintage clothes and handmade jewelry on Etsy to fuel my creative fire. This kept me sane during my intense studies and I always looked forward to working on my two Etsy stores during my study breaks. Although my current day job allows me to help people in the Seattle community, my creative side is what makes my heart sing. Blogging will allow me to showcase my style, travel experiences, and do-it-yourself fashion projects. So welcome to my fashion and lifestyle blog! I hope I can inspire you to wear a little more color and appreciate this beautiful world we live in.

All the best, Kelsey